13th March 2019

LifeBook: A Life Remembered

Remember someone close with a bespoke Tribute book, created and written with the help of LifeBook

By JTS Staff
Journal of Trading Standards' in-house team
It’s the greatest gift I can give my children, to understand the wonderful man their father was through the personal stories shared by those closest to him

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More than 7,500 people around the world already own a LifeBook private autobiography. However, LifeBook is increasingly contacted by people who would like to record and remember the life of a loved one who is no longer around.

LifeBook Tribute books have helped many families preserve the memories of a loved one in a beautiful, personalised book so that other family members across the generations can get to know that loved one in the future.

LifeBook’s trained and empathetic team has guided these families through what is always a deeply personal project, ultimately achieving a priceless Tribute book.

Those who were most important in the life of the book’s subject are interviewed by a specially trained interviewer to really capture the essence of the deceased – to include the many different sides of their character and the varied elements of their life, as well as their achievements and the activities in which they participated.

The interviewer, who is also a professional ghostwriter, then writes the story, working closely with everyone involved to ensure all content is factually correct.

When someone enquires about a Tribute project, LifeBook initially arranges a private consultation with the client to both develop an understanding of the purpose behind the project and to discover more about the subject of the book. The specialist Tribute team then works out the best way to bring the project together and creates a transparent proposal for the client.

Memories, stories and pictures for the family to treasure for ever

Each Tribute book is sensitively written through the interviewing of multiple contributors, who come from all aspects of the subject’s life. This can be as simple as talking to close family members or it could extend to former classmates and work colleagues, friends and other associates.

Each interviewee’s favourite memories and anecdotes relating to the subject are then set down in their own contributing chapter and illustrated with their personal photos, building a picture of the subject so future generations can understand and appreciate the role he or she played in the family history.

Tribute books are often commissioned to allow children and grandchildren to find out more about a deceased member of their family, someone they might not have had the chance to know when they were growing up.


“It’s the greatest gift I can give my children, to understand the wonderful man their father was through the personal stories shared by those closest to him … LifeBook’s empathetic team helped us create a beautiful celebration of Tony’s life. This will be the most valuable book on our bookshelves.” – Karen

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About LifeBook

LifeBook creates your very own private autobiography—told by you and captured by them; 150 hours go into crafting your LifeBook and throughout your journey you will have a dedicated project manager and a team of five professionals to help you, including an expert ghostwriter and a handpicked interviewer.

A private autobiography is a reflection and celebration of a life well lived; preserved in a high-quality hand-crafted book for future generations. The opportunity to write your life’s story is a great gift and to give your completed private autobiography to friends and family is an even greater one.

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