5th November 2019

Ensure your home workplace is suitable

Working from home is becoming increasingly more popular due to the many benefits it provides to both employees and employers, and as more businesses are made aware of the advantages, it will only become more common. With employers looking to cut overheads, business rates, rents and utility bills, along with the push to create the ideal work life balance, working from home has never been more popular.

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To ensure maximum productivity when working from home, it is important to ensure you are setting yourself up in the correct environment. UK retailer of quality concrete garages, sheds, workshops and garden rooms, Lidget Compton, have collated their top tips in order to achieve this.

Create a permanent workspace

Creating a space in your home which is solely dedicated for working will be highly beneficial. This could be a spare room that you convert into an office, or perhaps you may want to invest in an outdoor building such as a garden office or even a sectional garage from Lidget Compton. By giving yourself a designated room to work in, it will help you maintain your work life balance. It is important however, that you ensure your workspace meets all your needs and requirements, such as comfort, access to electricity and quietness if needed.

Office furniture

A workplace needs to be suited for all your space and storage needs, meaning that you need the appropriate furniture. Depending on your space, the key pieces of furniture to have is; a desk, office chair, bookshelf and a storage unit. It may be an initial investment, however, if you are spending your whole working day in that environment, then the correct furniture will help to enhance your productivity.

Invest in technology

Depending on the nature of your job, you may be required to have specific technology in the workplace to conduct your job effectively. This may become quite costly if you must purchase it yourself, as you may be required to have a desktop, laptop, tablet or even phone in order to be able to accomplish your day to day job. The investment of purchasing the technology will be worthwhile in the long run as it will allow you to work efficiently and without difficulty.

Don’t give yourself distractions

When you think about working in an office, there are minimal distractions such as televisions, or even game consoles at hand so it is important that this is replicated when setting up your work environment at home. You don’t want to decrease your productivity by becoming easily distracted so don’t tempt yourself. Treat it as a working day and stay away from anything which could deter you from doing work. If you require background noise, then turning on the radio or having the television on will help, just make sure you don’t start paying more attention to the screen than your work.

Prepare for emergencies

Preparing for an emergency is something that you may feel is not necessary when you are in the comfort of your own home, but accidents do happen. Having a basic home first aid kit will put you in a better position should a mishap occur; ideally you don’t want to take time out from your day to go buy plasters should you need one. By making sure you have everything you need such as bandages and medication will be beneficial for you in the long run, to stay both safe and efficient.

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