11th October 2019

A more productive workspace

To foster productivity and positivity in your workplace, it’s key to make sure that your team enjoy their environment

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Ensuring your team is motivated and productive in the workplace plays a key part in the effect that they will have on your business as well as overall company morale. It is key to make sure that your team enjoy their working environment and are happy to continue working with you. To create the right environment for your staff, it’s important to incorporate several different changes that will affect mood and morale.

Create a positive energy
To create a welcoming environment, it’s important to let people know about your business from a first impression when they walk into your workplace. An open and positive space will project to visitors, clients and staff, and make them feel instantly welcome. Productivity is increased when workers are happy, so allow personalised touches to the office, along with colour, plants and other mood-boosting additions that your team would like to add. If visitors see that workers are happy, casual and chatty, this will make them feel more comfortable in the new environment.

Allow ‘people’ time
Many employees feel it is important to have interaction throughout the day to help them feel reenergised and motivated. In allowing conversation, music and a moderate atmosphere, team morale will be increased which will have a direct impact on productivity. Allowing your employees free reign over schedules and workload will also see an increase in mood within the office, as micromanaging and negative reinforcement can lead to workplace issues and unhappy staff.

Maximise natural light
When the seasons change and the darker months occur, the lack of light can have an impact on the general mood of your employees. Lack of sunlight may be a leading cause low mood in the workplace, as 57% of adults say their overall mood is worse in winter. To help combat this, maximise the natural light in your space with floor to ceiling light; an office space with a glass roof, French doors or bifold doors from Quickslide is beneficial, as many office workers have to work through daylight hours throughout winter. By being exposed to daylight, this can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), an illness that effects nearly one in three (29%) of people, to improve alertness and reduce fatigue in the workplace.

Keep it clutter free
Clutter is proven to be a distraction and can also have a negative effect on mood. To be more likely to work with a clear head and stay alert throughout the day, keep the workspace minimal with only what is needed on each desk and around the office. By also encouraging your work force to keep their space clear, try to make sure that all materials are recycled and not thrown in a waste bin; most work can now be stored as an electronic document, which is not only easier to search for but will also save your business money and resources.
By reducing the amount of mess and distractions around you, this will allow employees to become more involved in their work and feel less stressed or anxious, as well as cutting down on material waste such a paper and plastic that would otherwise go in the bin.

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