The consumer who found fingers in their dog food…

In 2016 Lorna Newton joined our team of consumer advisers. In the five years she has been with us Lorna has helped more than 10,000 UK consumers. Lorna has now been promoted internally to be CTSI’s Project Support Executive, a role where she liaises with stakeholders on CTSI Business Education projects.

One of Lorna’s most memorable cases was the consumer who found fingers in their dog food:

A UK consumer bought some dog food from a German seller online. To her surprise, when she opened one of the cans, she found ‘human fingers’ inside. She contacted the UK ECC in order to report the matter.

Service Director at the UK ECC, Andy Allen, said: “The case was an interesting one as the consumer simply wanted to report the matter. We informed our counterpart office in Germany so that they could make contact with the local authorities to make a formal report.

“Understandably, the consumer did not want to store the offending items in her own fridge, but realised that the fingers could be important evidence. Lorna therefore got in touch with the lady’s local environmental health team so that they could store the dog food in case it was required for tests.

“This is an important illustration of how the UK European Consumer Centre collaborates with enforcement agencies both in the UK and elsewhere in the EU. Enforcement authorities in Europe and beyond play an important role in ensuring consumers’ rights, both at national and cross-border levels.”

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