Helping UK consumers with new rules

New consumer rights came into force on 13 June 2014, with the Consumer Contracts Regulations replacing old rules.

In order to help as many UK people shopping online within the EU understand the new rights for online purchases, or be aware of what rules traders need to follow, the UK ECC embarked on a campaign to UK consumers. A shopping online leaflet was produced on the UK European Consumer Centre’s website and was distributed via libraries and trading standards, telling consumers that they now had a 14 calendar day cooling-off period starting as soon as an order is placed and ending 14 days after the goods are received. During this time the contract can be cancelled for any reason, including a change of mind.

It was in 2014 during Scams Awareness Month that the UK ECC turned the spotlight on online purchases of health or beauty products such as slimming pills and face creams. There had been a noticeable increase in the number of complaints and inquiries about these products. While stressing that there are many honest companies, UK ECC alerted consumers to the risk of being taken in by scams which lead to them signing up unintentionally for subscriptions to monthly deliveries of unwanted products simply after agreeing to a misleading “free” trial.

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