Tag: Rogue traders
Brighton & Hove rogue warning
Brighton & Hove TS has seen an 'exceedingly worrying' rise in rogue builder complaints
‘Greedy’ rogue builder jailed
A fraudster in Suffolk used victims' money to pay for holidays and shopping trips
Rogues exploit extreme weather
CTSI warns of a rise in rogue trader reports in the wake of high winds and flooding
Jail for Plymouth rogue trader
A fraudster who tricked residents into unnecessary building work has been jailed
Crooked removal firm owners jailed
A removal firm scammed victims into paying thousands to get their property back
Falkirk rogue trader jailed for fraud
A rogue trader who defrauded elderly residents has been jailed after a TS investigation
LTS sets sights on rogue landlords
The year's LTS Week kicks off with a renewed focus on the private rental sector
Essex rogue builder jailed for fraud
Conman Christopher Escrader took money for work that was never carried out
Jail for home repairs fraudster
A rogue trader who offended while under a suspended sentence has been jailed
Rogue plumber guilty of fraud
A rogue trader in Devon repeatedly defrauded an elderly couple over a five-year period
Rogue trader summer surge
Staffordshire Trading Standards is warning of a rise in reports of rogue traders in recent months
Rogue builders jailed for fraud
Fraudsters who targeted a vulnerable victim have been jailed for six-and-a-half years
Monmouthshire TS jails cowboy builder
A builder who took deposits and then failed to complete work has been sentenced
Fraudsters targeted vulnerable people
A pair of con-men who targeted elderly and vulnerable people have been sentenced
Isle of Wight rogue trader jailed
A rogue trader who bullied and lied to his victims has been jailed for three years
Builder jailed for money laundering
A rogue builder has been given a custodial sentence after an investigation by Warrington TS