Tag: Obituaries
Obituary: David James Mackie
David James Mackie was well respected by those both inside and outside trading standards
Obituary: Frank Wilfred Oliver
Frank Oliver was a passionate inspector who was proud of his role in protecting the public
Obituary: Neil Pardoe
A committed and highly skilled trading standards officer, passed away in December 2020
Obituary: Dennis Wilce
Trading standards lost a fun-loving and energetic former colleague in January 2021
Obituary: Frank Netherwood
Trading standards lost a long-serving and beloved colleague in November 2020
Obituary: Lionel Black
Lionel Black was a forward-thinking TSO who left his mark in his native North East
Obituary: Peter Fallon
Trading standards lost a kindly and unassuming colleague in October 2020.
Obituary: James Morris Watkins
Jim Watkins earned the friendship and trust of numerous colleagues
Obituary: John P Boundy
Trading standards lost a much-liked and highly respected colleague in February 2020. 
Obituary: Reginald John Smith FCTSI
Trading standards lost a kind, considerate colleague and friend on March 21, 2020
Obituary: Peter James Cave
Trading standards lost a good-humoured and pioneering professional in November 2018
Obituary: Harold Hunt
Trading Standards lost a knowledgable, respected and committed expert in May 2018
Obituary: Sid Horsell
Trading Standards lost a quiet, but dedicated member and friend in May 2018
Obituary: Tony Williams
Trading Standards lost a dedicated and admired expert in May 2018
Obituary: Regina Kibel MBE VP
Trading Standards lost a lifelong ally, advisor and supporter in February 2018
Obituary: Brian Smith
Angus Council and CTSI lost a long-serving, loyal employee and member in July 2017.