Tag: Fraud
Bogus uni website taken down
A website for a fake university had been set up to scam money from overseas students
Essex TS concludes complex fraud case
Essex TS has brought a network of criminals who mis-sold solar equipment to justice
Essex rogue builder jailed for fraud
Conman Christopher Escrader took money for work that was never carried out
Fraud victim care unit rolled out
A specialist unit supporting fraud victims has been rolled out across England and Wales
CTSI warning over scam SMS messages
CTSI is warning consumers to be wary of scammers posing as family members
AI and the rise of synthetic scams
The speed of innovation in artificial intelligence has played into the hands of fraudsters
Energy fraudster jailed for 13 years
A businessman who scammed his customers has been given a lengthy prison sentence
Online trader jailed for ‘car-clocking’
A car dealer who altered mileages has been jailed after a Hampshire TS investigation
Rogue agent banned from directorship
An estate agent who stole money has been banned from acting as a company director
Family fraudsters jailed
A pair of brothers and their parents pocketed £2m from bogus health card websites
Suspended sentence for COVID fraudster
A preacher who sold fake COVID cures was prosecuted by Southwark Trading Standards
Suffolk TS secures victim compensation
A businessman who took deposits and failed to deliver is paying back his victims
Rogue builder jailed for fraud offences
A rogue builder has been jailed following an investigation by Southwark TS
Franchise fraudsters found guilty
Leicestershire TS has prosecuted a pair who sold fraudulent franchise licences
Cowboy builder put victims at risk
A rogue builder in Norfolk has been jailed after carrying out dangerous work in the county
Four jailed after major investigation
Rogue roofing contractors targeted elderly and vulnerable London residents