Tag: Brexit
Govt announces UKCA U-turn
British businesses can now use the CE mark as well as the UKCA mark indefinitely
‘More time needed’ for EU Law Bill
CTSI is calling on the Government to delay the 'sunset clause' for EU laws
UK Metrology: how NI measures up
On World Metrology Day, Michelle Craig looks at how things differ in Northern Ireland
Caution urged on imperial markings
CTSI expresses concerns over the potential reintroduction of imperial measurements
Consumer protection must be ‘levelled up’
CTSI is calling on Government to prioritise post-Brexit consumer protection
In conversation: Paul Scully MP
The Consumer Minister discusses the pressing issues facing trading standards
CTSI raises concerns over Australia deal
A mooted trade deal with Australia could mean hormone-injected meat entering the UK
Brexit scam text sent to public
A new scam message is attempting to obtain personal information
UK ECC: Looking beyond EU Exit
The UK ECC is looking at ways of spreading its skills into the wider world
Voices from the Front Line
We hear from frontline officers about this year's strains on enforcement
Brexit a factor for UK online shoppers
CTSI is warning UK shoppers to be aware of changes caused by Brexit when buying online
UK ECC demand surges in 2020
Consumer requests have rocketed, even as the UK ECC faces an uncertain future
When uncertain meets unprecedented
How will COVID-19 affect the Government’s intention of seeing through the EU Exit?
ACG highlights Brexit concerns
The Anti-Counterfeiting Group is calling for international alliances to remain after Brexit
Brexit advice for businesses
Austerity’s impacts will outlive it
Austerity has had a critical and possibly irreversible impact on trading standards