Tag: Animal Health & Welfare
Dorset takes on illegal puppy sales
Dorset Council has revamped its website to tackle unlicensed puppy sales
CPPD Module 21: Animal Feed
The OCRs place new responsibilities for agri-food monitoring on trading standards
Avian influenza measures in place
Measures have been brought in to curb the spread of bird flu across Great Britain
New Welsh animal welfare plan
A five-year plan to enhance animal welfare enforcement in Wales has been unveiled
Cat owners urged to check food
A rise in cat deaths has been linked to certain brands of cat food, which have been recalled
CPPD Module 20: Investigations
Investigative skills must be used within a specific legal framework to be effective
Beware of the dog dealers
The cruelty, emotional exploitation and organised crime behind illicit puppy sales
Illegal puppy importer jailed
A man who illegally brought puppies into the UK has been jailed for more than two years
Farmer jailed for welfare offences
A farmer from Herefordshire has been jailed for numerous animal welfare offences
TSS combats illegal puppy trade
Trading Standards Scotland is warning the public about illegal puppy sellers
CPPD Module 19: Food Standards
The key issues to be aware of as the UK extricates itself from EU legislation
Christmas puppy scams warning
People in search of a puppy for Christmas are being warned to look out for scams
CPPD Module 18: Animal Health
The UK’s exit from the EU will create new challenges in animal health and welfare enforcement
Smallholder guilty of animal cruelty
A man in Dorset has been sentenced for animal welfare offences
Farmers fined for breaking TB rules
Four farmers who conspired to breach bovine TB regulations have been sentenced