Tag: Allergens
Opinion: Recipes for disaster
There is still much to be done to make deaths from allergies a thing of the past
TS Wales Week starts with focus on food
Trading Standards Wales week highlights the vital work being done across the nation
Shopkeeper fined for knock-off chocs
A sweet shop owner has been fined for selling chocolate bars with fake brand labels
TS supports Allergy Awareness Week
Staffordshire Trading Standards is providing businesses with allergy awareness advice
Allergens: a matter of life and death
In the wake of several tragic deaths, have food businesses got the message on allergens?
Support for ‘robust’ allergen rules
CTSI has lent its support to calls for an improved anaphylaxis reporting system
Trading Standards Wales Week
A week of activities drawing attention to the work of Trading Standards Wales begins
Family recognised for allergen work
The family of Megan Lee, who died after an allergic reaction, have received an award
Natasha’s Law comes into force
New rules on food allergen labelling in the UK come into effect today
Campaign highlights allergen law
CTSI and TS Wales are supporting a campaign to reduce deaths from allergens
Doing without… food labelling
A new law highlights the importance of knowing what goes into the food we eat
Restaurant fined over allergens
A restaurant sold a dish containing peanuts despite being notified of an allergy
Takeaway fined over unsafe food
A Chinese takeaway sold food containing peanuts to a customer with an allergy
Allergen study shows cuts’ impact
A new study has found that almost one in five foods contain undeclared allergens
Restaurant receives allergy ban
A Birmingham restaurant has been banned from serving customers with allergies
Kebab shops warned over allergens
Kebab shops in the southwest have been told to provide better allergen information