Tag: Age-restricted sales
Warning to shops that broke law
North Lanarkshire TS seeks banning orders for shops that flouted underage sales laws
CTSI welcomes anti-smoking plans
CTSI has welcomed new proposals to combat underage sales of tobacco and vapes
Shop fined for illegal knife sale
A shop in Islington has been ordered to pay £4,500 after selling a knife to a 14-year-old
Closure order for underage vape shop
A Devon shop selling vapes and drug paraphernalia to children has been ordered to close
Tower Hamlets shops fined
A pair of shops in the London borough have been prosecuted for Trading Standards offences
TS ‘declares war’ on underage sales
A Preston shop that sold illicit cigarettes to a 14-year-old has been fined more than £4,300
Zero tolerance on underage alcohol
West Sussex Trading Standards is clamping down on underage alcohol sales by local shops
Shop fined for underage vape sale
A Tower Hamlets shop that illegally sold a vape to a 14-year-old has been fined
Shopkeeper fined for underage sales
A shopkeeper in West Yorkshire has pleaded guilty to selling cigarettes to a child
LBBD takes on underage sales
London Borough of Barking & Dagenham TS carried out a series of compliance checks
South West TS takes on illegal vapes
Officers confiscated vapes that did not comply with rules on labelling and nicotine capacity
Test purchases at London businesses
Newham TS has carried out test purchases of vaping products and alcohol
CTSI concerned about vaping & CSE
A potential link between vaping and child sexual exploitation (CSE) has been revealed
TS sounds alarm on underage vaping
A rise in the use of often iilicit vaping products among young people has sparked concern
‘Proper enforcement’ needed on tobacco
The newly published Khan Review highlights the need for robust tobacco enforcement
Illegal e-cigarettes discovered for sale
Officers in Oxfordshire seized e-cigarettes containing illegal levels of nicotine