South East
Oxfordshire TS jails rogue traders
A pair of rogue traders who defrauded a vulnerable homeowner have been jailed
Kent TS nabs tobacco and vapes
Kent TS joined forces with Kent Police to remove illicit products from sale in Dover
Rogue trader brought to justice
A rogue trader has been jailed following a Reading Trading Standards investigation
Kent TS takes on illicit vapes
Illicit vapes and tobacco have been removed from sale in the latest 'day of action'
‘Meet-and-greet’ parking alert
Holidaymakers are being urged to do their research before using airport parking services
Fake footwear seller ordered to pay up
A market trader who sold counterfeit footwear has been ordered to pay £60,000
£300,000 of illegal products seized
Hampshire TS has seized 15,000 illicit vapes and tobacco products in the past year
Hampshire roofing fraudster jailed
A rogue roofer who ripped off 29 homeowners has been jailed after action by Hampshire TS
Brighton & Hove rogue warning
Brighton & Hove TS has seen an 'exceedingly worrying' rise in rogue builder complaints
Illicit tobacco couple plead guilty
A husband and wife sold tens of thousands of pounds worth of illicit tobacco on Facebook
Essex TS concludes complex fraud case
Essex TS has brought a network of criminals who mis-sold solar equipment to justice
Online trader jailed for ‘car-clocking’
A car dealer who altered mileages has been jailed after a Hampshire TS investigation
Zero tolerance on underage alcohol
West Sussex Trading Standards is clamping down on underage alcohol sales by local shops
Shepherd guilty of welfare offences
Dead sheep were left to rot by a shepherd who also failed to keep accurate livestock records
Isle of Wight rogue trader jailed
A rogue trader who bullied and lied to his victims has been jailed for three years
Jail for Oxfordshire rogue roofers
A pair of roofers who ripped off an elderly homeowner in Oxfordshire have been jailed