South East
Fake saffron sparks investigation
West Sussex TS found saffron had been adulterated with other plant fibres
Fraudster jailed for targeting elderly
A rogue trader who conned elderly people has been jailed for three years
Community Heroes celebrated
Three volunteers who tackled scams in Bucks & Surrey have won a CTSI Hero Award
Surrey & Bucks helps 100 businesses
Surrey & Bucks TS has forged partnerships with 100 businesses
Online motor parts trader prosecuted
A trader in East Sussex has been prosecuted for selling counterfeit motor parts online
Oxford rogue trader given jail sentence
A rogue gardener who tricked his victim into paying more than £1,000 has been jailed
Oxfordshire TS wins safety award
Oxfordshire Trading Standards has been named Community Safety Team of the Year
Unsafe travel adaptor supplier fined
A company that supplied dangerous travel adaptors has been prosecuted
Oxfordshire to take on rogue landlords
Oxfordshire County Council is launching a scheme to target irresponsible landlords
Illegal tobacco seller prosecuted
A shopkeeper in East Sussex has been given a suspended jail term and fined
Fake cigarettes seized in Oxford
Officers found fake cigarettes displayed alongside legitimate brands
Elite sniffer dog threatened by gangs
Scamp has become such a threat to criminals that a price has been placed on his head
Oxfordshire shop loses alcohol licence
A series of TS investigations have led to a shop being stripped of its alcohol licence
Warning over bogus insulation scheme
Residents in East Sussex are being urged to be on guard against bogus cold callers
Bucks and Surrey TS wins award
The service won an award for its work to cut red tape for businesses