New vaccine email scam emerges
A new email scam is using the vaccine rollout as a cover to steal personal details
Fur coats and fraudsters
Fur coat purchases could be used as a cover for buying jewellery, says Robert Grice
FCA issues ‘clone firm’ warning
A rise in 'clone firm' scams has led the Financial Conduct Authority to issue advice
Brexit scam text sent to public
A new scam message is attempting to obtain personal information
Copycat marketing: a game of clones
Various routes to redress exist when packaging misleads, advises barrister Michael Coley
New construction regulator announced
A new construction industry regulator has been established by the OPSS
Bogus lockdown rebate scam
Another text-based scam themed around the coronavirus pandemic has emerged
How to keep your fleet vehicles healthy
When it comes to maintaining a healthy fleet vehicle, prevention is better than cure
A wake-up call for equality
A new Working Group has been set up to help create a more inclusive profession
The dangers of disloyalty
Traders’ efforts to entice new business can create problems for enforcement
How ‘copycat brands’ walk the line
Does trading standards have a role in tackling so-called 'copycat brands'?
Vaccine scam message emerges
A new text message scam claims the COVID-19 vaccine is available to recipients
CTSI Chief: Stay safe, be optimistic
There are reasons for optimism in 2021, says CTSI's Executive Director Paul Ramsden
Rail and coach refunds announced
A refund guarantee for cancelled Christmas travel has been announced
CMA launches refund investigation
The CMA is looking into whether consumer rights were breached by airlines
Our next CEO must love the word ‘no’
Meaningful change doesn't happen without overcoming opposition