East Midlands
Short measures found at coal yards
Faulty weighing equipment in Nottinghamshire resulted in consumers being overcharged
No place to hide for illicit tobacco
Illicit tobacco sellers are using ever more elaborate means of concealment, says Derby TS
Derby TS stops Halloween scares
Five potentially dangerous Halloween costumes have been removed from sale
Thousands of illicit cigarettes seized
Bedford TS has seized £150,000 of illegal cigarettes between June and September
Lincs TS clamps down on illicit stores
Lincolnshire TS has secured eight more closure orders on shops selling illicit tobacco
Dangerous goods worth £15.3m seized
Leicestershire TS seized 440,000 items at East Midlands Airport in the past year
TS probe uncovers car-parts scam
Two Nottinghamshire men have pleaded guilty to selling fake car parts online
Leicestershire rogue builder jailed
A builder who took money for work that he did not complete received a custodial sentence
Franchise fraudsters found guilty
Leicestershire TS has prosecuted a pair who sold fraudulent franchise licences
Caravan hire fraudster fined
The owner of a Lincolnshire caravan hire company took money and failed to deliver
Restaurant fined over allergens
A restaurant sold a dish containing peanuts despite being notified of an allergy
Takeaway fined over unsafe food
A Chinese takeaway sold food containing peanuts to a customer with an allergy
Fake vehicle stamp fraudster jailed
A man who sold illegal vehicle service stamps been sentenced to 12 months in prison
Company directors sentenced for fraud
Three directors of a vacuum repair company have received prison sentences
Farmer fined over dead animals
A farmer has been fined for leaving dead sheep and calves to rot on farmland for months
Landlord prosecuted in landmark case
Lincs TS has prosecuted a landlord who knew his property was being used illegally