16th January 2024

Updated codes for home buyers

Updated versions of the Consumer Codes for home builders and new homes have been launched.

By JTS Staff
Journal of Trading Standards' in-house team

Updated versions of the Consumer Code for Home Builders and Consumer Code for New Homes have been published in a bid to improve consistency of customer service and enhance consumer protection for buyers of new-build homes.

The codes of practice are designed to raise standards in the home building sector, according to Noel Hunter, Chair of the Consumer Code for Home Builders. “These changes bring consistency across the main code schemes and provide additional protection for consumers,” he said.

“Compliance with a code scheme is a condition set by most warranty providers, effectively making it mandatory for home builders to meet the required customer service standards and offer an independent dispute resolution service should things go wrong.

“The Consumer Code for Home Builders continues to play a leading role in championing stronger protection for consumers and supporting the industry to drive up standards.”

The basis for the updated standards was initially developed in 2021, in preparation for an anticipated single mandatory code and ombudsman scheme. Although the government has not implemented a mandatory scheme, that initial work underpins the main codes in the marketplace.

Sarah Langley, Managing Director of the Consumer Code for New Homes, said: “We recognise how important it is for consumers to have clarity as well as a high standard of protection. By collaborating with our colleagues at the Consumer Code for Home Builders, we have collectively raised the standard, not just for our own codes but for the wider industry.

“Importantly, we have done so in a way that builds on existing best practice to avoid creating unnecessary bureaucracy for developers but instead supports them in continually improving the service they provide.”

The Consumer Code for Home Builders and Consumer Code for New Homes collectively have over 20 years of experience in operating codes of practice in the sector and both are approved codes under CTSI’s Consumer Codes Approval Scheme.

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