Made to Measure Podcast


Trading standards has seen unparalleled change over the last few years and more
than ever new entrants to the profession need to have every opportunity to learn
from the experiences and perspectives of the profession’s authorities.

That’s why we’ve launched Made to Measure – the podcast of the Journal of Trading Standards
to bring you in-depth interviews and insights from experts inside and outside the
profession every fortnight.

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Episode 15:

Property & Lettings



Episode 14:

LTS Week Knife Crime event



Episode 13:




Episode 12:

Budget Cuts



Episode 11:

Animal Health



Episode 10:




Episode 9:

CTSI Hero Awards 2019



Episode 8:

CTSI Symposium 2019 Review



Episode 7:

CTSI Symposium 2019 Preview



Episode 6:

Food Safety



Episode 5:

Age-restricted Sales



Episode 4:




Episode 3:




Episode 2:

Online Marketplaces



Episode 1:

Leon Livermore



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