28th January 2019

Obituary: Geoff Peck

Geoff Peck will be missed by many, including colleagues at Suffolk Trading Standards who valued the supportive, good-natured approach he brought to his highly important work.

By Lesley Crompton & Paula Saward
Suffolk County Council Trading Standards

It is with great sadness that Suffolk County Council Trading Standards shares the news of the loss of Geoffrey Peck, Accredited Financial Investigator and Affiliate Member of CTSI. Geoff died unexpectedly at home on January 4, 2019. A well-attended thanksgiving service in his memory was held on January 25 at the church in Norfolk where he had been christened; there wasn’t a spare seat available.

Geoff joined Suffolk Trading Standards on September 27, 2011, and put his skills as a former police officer to good use.

Professionally, Geoff excelled, attaining a Master’s degree in Financial Investigation. He led many complex investigations to a successful conclusion, which resulted in victims being compensated and costs recovered for the agencies involved. So one could say that he paid his way.

Being a subject matter expert, Geoff would often be asked for advice and his opinion, which he shared willingly. He would usually sigh, give you that “look” and then proceed to give all the help needed. He never refused any request for assistance.

As a man Geoff was a larger-than-life character with an excellent dry sense of humour. He appreciated the good things in life, but that did not necessarily extend to his football allegiances – he supported Norwich, which was the subject of many a discussion with his colleagues in the Ipswich office.

Geoff was a professional; he was friendly, supportive and practical. He was respected by colleagues and those from other agencies with whom he worked alongside. He will be greatly missed.

He is survived by his son Shaun, daughter Vicky, her husband and his adored granddaughter Phoebe.

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