3rd February 2019

Obituary: David Templeton

Chief Inspector, lecturer, tutor, examiner, author and Lead Officer David S.J. Templeton died suddenly, after a long illness bravely borne, on June 29, 2018.

By JTS Staff
Journal of Trading Standards' in-house team

David was born in Glasgow and educated in Glasgow and East Kilbride. On completion of his schooling David matriculated at The University of Glasgow and subsequently graduated with a B.A.[Hons.]. Shortly after graduation he joined the Trading Standards Department of Strathclyde Regional Council and was appointed to the Hamilton Office in Lanark Sub-Region on September 1, 1988, where he remained for the rest of his working life (albeit that the Authority changed to South Lanarkshire Council on the disaggregation of the Regional Council).

David qualified with ease from Manchester in March 1992. His interest in Metrology and his tremendous technical skill was apparent even then. He appreciated both the beauty and the science of the subject. In the fullness of time David became the consummate lecturer, in the traditional Scottish style, for which he will be remembered by generations of trainees. His skill and knowledge led him to both national and international recognition, and great acclaim for his numerous publications.

As a colleague David was conscientious, reliable, a stickler for accuracy but great fun. He was forthright in expressing his opinions and did not ‘suffer fools gladly’! David’s interests were not confined to Trading Standards; he was widely cultured, well-read, sporty [football. later golf] and involved in many other facets of life, in all of which he excelled.

He worked tirelessly for his many favoured charities and gave his time and energy, gladly, to promote them. David was a Freemason of considerable distinction and represented the ethics of the Craft admirably as was evident by the presence, in abundance, of his Fraternal Brethren at his funeral.

David had a great love and command of English and will be remembered with gratitude by his many former students for the clarity of his exposition and grammatical finesse, qualities which greatly enhanced his authorship.

He will be remembered with affection as a kind, faithful and generous friend; a unique personality, a valued colleague, a pillar of strength in one’s hour of need. It was once commented on, that David had a huge personality, something for everyone. To us all a sad loss indeed.

David is survived by his adoring family: his wife Kirsteen, daughter Robyn, his sons Gavin and Greg, and of course his brothers Stan and Jim and their respective families.

As the ancients said, ‘Mortus ad vitam ianva est requisticat in pace Frater’ [May death be the gateway to life everlasting, rest in peace Brother].

God rest his soul.

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