28th November 2022

Obituary: Alan James Street

A long-serving and highly influential Trading Standards leader who saw the Institute through a period of change.

By Chris Armstrong

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Alan Street, who worked hard over many years on the Institute’s behalf. Alan helped to lead the Institute through a period of major change as its professional base extended with the growth of its head office and income capacity.

Alan Street, 2 September 1940 – 25 September 2022

Alan served as a Weights and Measures Inspector in Africa after qualifying in Torquay. Shortly after returning to the UK in 1973, he took up the post of Assistant Chief Controller of Cheshire County Councils Trading Standards Department. Moves to Greater Manchester and Nottinghamshire followed.

On retiring from Nottinghamshire Trading Standards Department Alan was appointed Chair of the Nottinghamshire Police Board.

Alan was Deputy Chief Inspector in Greater Manchester and eventually became Chief. He was also Chief of Nottinghamshire, where his office was a popular place to visit as it overlooked Trent Bridge cricket ground.

Alan resigned his Institute membership some years ago and was the only person to this day who correctly returned his certificate of membership – which is of course a requirement of our rules and what you would expect of a true Honorary Secretary. He continued to support the service through membership of the National Consumer Council.

It is important to emphasise Alan’s quite exceptional contribution to the Institute over the best part of 30 years. He edited two editions of the ‘Inspector’s bible’, the Weights and Measures Handbook in 1976 and 1981, which was a great help to students and Inspectors alike. He served for 11 years as Editor of the Monthly Review, and he worked tirelessly for 10 years as Institute Secretary and six years as Chief Executive. Quite a record.

He also contributed a great deal to the Institute’s Centenary celebrations.

Alan went to Oregon USA, together with Jim Humble of LACOTS and a small party to promote Trading Standards to the American professionals national conference. He was also involved with organising the National Consumer Conference.

One of the many highlights of Alan’s career came in the late 1980s when he arranged a meeting between the Institute’s Policy Committee and his local MP, Kenneth Clarke, the Member for (Nottingham) Rushcliffe from 1970 until recently. Clarke addressed us with a wide-ranging and humorous speech tailored to the interests of local consumers and consumer protection in general. He spoke highly of Alan’s involvement in consumer affairs.

Alan’s funeral was held on Friday, 21 October at Wilford Hill Crematorium, West Bridgeford. CTSI Fellow Mike Drewry attended the funeral on behalf of the Institute and signed the book of condolences.

The Institute owes Alan a considerable vote of thanks for his commitment, and we send our sincere condolences to his family.


Memories of Alan have been composed by his colleagues.

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  1. Leslie Mchugh says:

    A great guy. One of the “Met men”

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