7th March 2024

£300,000 of illegal products seized

Hampshire Trading Standards has seized 15,000 illicit vapes and tobacco products in the past year.

By JTS Staff
Journal of Trading Standards' in-house team
Our Trading Standards team has ramped up activity to clamp down on illegal and underage sales

Hampshire Trading Standards has announced that over the past 12 months it has seized illegal vapes and counterfeit tobacco products worth £300,000 during operations to combat the sale of potentially harmful goods to people under the age of 18.

Many of the products were seized as a result of test purchasing operations involving young volunteers.

According to Councillor Russell Oppenheimer, Hampshire County Council lead for Regulatory Services, “Parents are rightly concerned about their children having access to vapes following an alarming rise in vaping by young people.

“The vast majority of traders in Hampshire act within the law but we are putting more resource into catching the irresponsible minority whose actions put people at risk. Our Trading Standards team has ramped up activity to clamp down on illegal and underage sales and, as a result, we have seized large amounts of illegal vapes that breached the legal limit of nicotine or that were sold illegally to underage people.

“We have also seized pouches of counterfeit tobacco which are not subject to the usual manufacturing standards and could contain any substances. This haul of 15,000 contraband items has been kept out of the hands of consumers and will now be destroyed. This is a great result that underscores our commitment to keeping people in Hampshire safe.”

Hampshire Trading Standards said it will continue to clamp down on local businesses selling age-restricted goods to under-18s , and if a business is found to be selling to anyone under the legal age, or found to be selling illegal products, they will be investigated and potentially face a criminal prosecution.

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