15th April 2024

TS Wales Week starts with focus on food

Trading Standards Wales week will highlight the vital work being done to protect consumers across the nation.

By JTS Staff
Journal of Trading Standards' in-house team

Trading Standards Wales Week (15-19 April) is under way, promoting five key areas of Trading Standards activities on each of its separate days, with a particular emphasis on issues related to the cost of living running throughout.

Things kick off with a focus on food, under the theme ‘Recipe for Trouble’. From allergens, shrinkflation, misdescriptions and pricing, Trading Standards teams in Wales have uncovered a worrying lack of awareness of allergen labelling rules, with 24% of businesses visited by the Greater Gwent Food Group between May and August 2023 using incorrect allergen labelling, and 16% not providing allergen awareness training to staff.

‘More Fuel You’ is Tuesday’s theme, with Trading Standards Wales revealing findings from 1,642 fuel pumps and 25 fuel tankers tested. The service is also highlighting advice for businesses offering energy saving products and services, as well as guidance for consumers to understand the jargon used in this complex area.

On Wednesday the Stop Loan Sharks Wales team will report on record levels of activity in illegal money lending as loan sharks exploit the cost-of-living crisis. Advice will be offered to consumers, and an online training session explaining the work of Stop Loan Sharks Wales will provide advice on how to best support people who have been targeted.

Scams will be in the spotlight on Thursday, under the theme ‘Too Good to be True’. Trading Standards teams in Wales have been working hard to protect those who have been ripped off by rogue traders, supporting more 1,300 scam victims and preventing over £10m of detriment to consumers in Wales.

Things wrap up on Friday with the theme of ‘Cheap ‘n’ Nasty’, a reminder of the old adage ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. For consumers looking for less expensive goods, Trading Standards works with legitimate high street businesses offering pre-loved, used and recycled goods – which often have to demonstrate the same level of safety as when you buy new. These businesses offer an alternative to cheaply made and easily sourced goods bought on the high street or over the internet, which may originate from outside the UK and not offer the same levels of quality or protection.

For more detail on the events taking place throughout the week, visit the Trading Standards Wales website, follow @WalesTS on X and check out your local council’s social media.

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