19th December 2022

KCC TS launches cost-of-living videos

Kent County Council has released a series of videos offering consumer advice on cost-of-living issues.

By JTS Staff
Journal of Trading Standards' in-house team

Kent County Council Trading Standards has released a series of videos advising residents how to shop safely, avoid scams and join the fight against illegal money lending.

The Cost of Living Newscasts also include tips on toy safety, fire safety and buying safe electrical goods.

Explaining the rationale behind the videos, Kent County Council Head of Trading Standards Steve Rock said: “I am concerned that as people struggle with rising prices and inflation which puts households and businesses under immense strain, these are ideal conditions for people to be defrauded and ripped off. Unfortunately this situation makes us all vulnerable as we change our buying habits in an attempt to make money go further.”

“At Trading Standards we’re focusing on combating unfair practices, dealing with unsafe products and maintaining business compliance.

“We’ll all need to be alert to doorstep criminals, online, phone and postal scams, dodgy goods at markets and even sharp practices on the high street. I’m concerned we’ll see an increase in counterfeit goods, untested and unsafe products, low-quality and mislabelled food and unscrupulous individuals fraudulently mis-selling goods and services, and selling short measure goods and overcharging.

“In addition criminals are taking advantage of people trying to save money and the environment, and we’re seeing a huge rise in fake claims that products are in fact green.”

To view and share KCC’s Cost of Living Newscasts, click here.

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