Why fair pricing matters
Instilling consumer confidence through fair play is a vital part of a healthy economy
Weighing up the options
What are the implications of a reintroduction of imperial markings for Trading Standards?
‘Clarification needed’ on imperial
CTSI is warning that a return to imperial measures could lead to confusion among consumers
Consumer protection is not a luxury
A guideline for diamond terminology has been designed to help businesses, consumers and enforcers
Jeweller guilty of hallmarking offences
A jeweller in Southall who sold unhallmarked items has been fined more than £7,500
Price-gouging shopkeeper fined
A shop owner who hiked goods at the beginning of the COVID pandemic has been fined
Evidence gathering for a ‘copycat’ action
The evidence gathering steps necessary when establishing a case against a 'copycat brand'
TSS combats illegal puppy trade
Trading Standards Scotland is warning the public about illegal puppy sellers
Copycat marketing: a game of clones
Various routes to redress exist when packaging misleads, advises barrister Michael Coley
How ‘copycat brands’ walk the line
Does trading standards have a role in tackling so-called 'copycat brands'?
Brexit a factor for UK online shoppers
CTSI is warning UK shoppers to be aware of changes caused by Brexit when buying online
Operation CAROL tackles fakes
A new initiative is taking on online sellers of fake goods in the run-up to Christmas
Christmas puppy scams warning
People in search of a puppy for Christmas are being warned to look out for scams
Online shopping complaints surge
A rise in online shopping due to COVID has led to a spike in consumer complaints
BTHA report warns on unsafe toys
The BTHA is calling for the government to take action on unsafe toys sold online
Bogus gas bill scam targets public
CTSI has received evidence of fake gas bills sent to members of the public via email