Legal & policy
No such thing as an ‘everyday’ tragedy
Why a fire which claimed 72 lives should never be described as an ‘everyday occurrence’
Whirlpool report highlights TS cuts
A new report has raised concerns over funding shortages for trading standards
The policy game-changer
The Consumer Protection White Paper could shake up many parts of trading standards
Playing policy whack-a-mole
We face the challenge of trying to deal with one problem when others raise their heads…
The cost of compliance
To be effective, compliance for businesses should operate on a level playing field
UK ECC issues holiday advice
The European Consumer Centre is issuing advice to those heading to abroad this summer
Willwrighters approved for ADR
The Institute of Professional Willwriters is now an approved ADR provider
New ADR resources launched
A free ADR resource has been published, offering guidance on the processes involved
Taking control on offensive weapons
Helen Nugent examines the implications of the new Offensive Weapons Bill
Call for action on consumer protection
CTSI supports a new report that calls for reforms to consumer protection
Questions raised on Weapons Bill
CTSI has raised questions on amendments to the Offensive Weapons Bill
The intelligence-led operations model
Is the intelligence-led model a shift towards, or away from, proactivity?
Austerity’s impacts will outlive it
Austerity has had a critical and possibly irreversible impact on trading standards
CTSI urges firms to choose ADR
CTSI is calling for business to join the CCAS and pursue Alternative Dispute Resolution
Jacqueline Minor
David Mackenzie