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The benefits and complexities of the CPRs and the Fraud Act in prosecutions
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What are the implications for trading law when contracts are cancelled due to COVID-19?
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A first-hand account of the first trial to take place in the UK during lockdown
Away from Westminster
What are the long-term implications of COVID-19 on local government funding?
CTSI Chief slams profiteers
CTSI boss Leon Livermore has criticised businesses seeking to profit from coronavirus
No such thing as an ‘everyday’ tragedy
Why a fire which claimed 72 lives should never be described as an ‘everyday occurrence’
Whirlpool report highlights TS cuts
A new report has raised concerns over funding shortages for trading standards
The policy game-changer
The Consumer Protection White Paper could shake up many parts of trading standards
Playing policy whack-a-mole
We face the challenge of trying to deal with one problem when others raise their heads…
The cost of compliance
To be effective, compliance for businesses should operate on a level playing field
UK ECC issues holiday advice
The European Consumer Centre is issuing advice to those heading to abroad this summer