Inside trading standards
Obituary: Neil Pardoe
A committed and highly skilled trading standards officer, passed away in December 2020
Obituary: Dennis Wilce
Trading standards lost a fun-loving and energetic former colleague in January 2021
A wake-up call for equality
A new Working Group has been set up to help create a more inclusive profession
CTSI Chief: Stay safe, be optimistic
There are reasons for optimism in 2021, says CTSI's Executive Director Paul Ramsden
Our next CEO must love the word ‘no’
Meaningful change doesn't happen without overcoming opposition
Obituary: Frank Netherwood
Trading standards lost a long-serving and beloved colleague in November 2020
Delivering ‘gold standard’ service
The work of one outstanding TSO shows the difference trading standards can make
Obituary: Lionel Black
Lionel Black was a forward-thinking TSO who left his mark in his native North East
Obituary: John Rees Albert Knight
Trading standards lost a meticulous and much loved colleague in July 2020
CTSI sets up equality initiative
CTSI has launched a Working Group to address race and equality within the profession
Obituary: Peter Fallon
Trading standards lost a kindly and unassuming colleague in October 2020.
Obituary: James Morris Watkins
Jim Watkins earned the friendship and trust of numerous colleagues
CTSI Chief Executive steps down
CTSI Chief Executive Leon Livermore has decided to leave his role
Obituary: John P Boundy
Trading standards lost a much-liked and highly respected colleague in February 2020. 
CCAS ADR membership climbs
The Consumer Codes Approval Scheme has been boosted by new members
In partnership against the pandemic
How the OPSS plays a central role in supporting local authorities and businesses