Health & safety
Christmas toy safety campaign launches
Shoppers are being reminded of the dangers of buying counterfeit toys online
Firework safety campaign launches
An expected rise in home firework displays means people are being urged to stay safe
Unsafe candyfloss machine seller fined
A business sold candyfloss machines that failed to meet electrical safety requirements
In partnership against the pandemic
How the OPSS plays a central role in supporting local authorities and businesses
HSE warning over KN95 facemasks
KN95 facemasks do not necessarily comply with PPE standards
Petrol station fined for drinks bottle sale
A retailer has been fined for selling petrol poured into a plastic drinks bottle
Campaign warns of vape battery risks
A new campaign is warning of the dangers posed by e-cigarette batteries and chargers
The dark side of pearly whites
Northern Ireland TS is warning of the dangers of illegal tooth whitening products
Safeguarding the future
How CTSI and the OPSS work to protect children from dangerous products
Keeping an eye on Christmas safety
Tips to ensure your Christmas goes off with the right kind of a bang
CTSI calls for seasonal safety
CTSI is warning of the dangers posed by unsafe Halloween and Bonfire Night products
Don’t get a nasty scare this Halloween
A new campaign highlights the dangers surrounding children's Halloween costumes
Blind cord safety campaign launched
A new OPSS campaign is warning of the dangers loose blind cords pose to children
Campaign warns of blind cord danger
A safety campaign is warning of the danger posed to young children by blind cords
Enforcement and the environment
How trading standards services can be effective in environmental protection
Farmer fined over dead animals
A farmer has been fined for leaving dead sheep and calves to rot on farmland for months