Food & drink
Restaurant fined over allergens
A restaurant sold a dish containing peanuts despite being notified of an allergy
CTSI raises concerns over Australia deal
A mooted trade deal with Australia could mean hormone-injected meat entering the UK
Pub fined for diluting drinks
A Cheshire pub and its manager have been fined for watering down alcoholic drinks
New Covid-19 food business guide
CTSI has published Covid-19 themed guidance specifically for the food industry
New advice to combat food waste
CTSI has collaborated on a scheme to tackle food waste during the Covid-19 crisis
Takeaway fined over unsafe food
A Chinese takeaway sold food containing peanuts to a customer with an allergy
Allergen study shows cuts’ impact
A new study has found that almost one in five foods contain undeclared allergens
Ask Italian fined over misleading dish
The Italian restaurant chain has been fined after a Swansea trading standards investigation
CPPD Module 17: Food Allergens
Lessons from a recent case in which a company breached the Food Safety Act
FSA publishes enforcement data
New Food Standards Agency data covers local authority enforcement
Vigilance urged to combat ASF
A campaign has launched to warn of the dangers of African swine fever
Fake saffron sparks investigation
West Sussex TS found saffron had been adulterated with other plant fibres
Hefty fine for false health claims
A company director has been fined under the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulations
Restaurant receives allergy ban
A Birmingham restaurant has been banned from serving customers with allergies
Kebab shops warned over allergens
Kebab shops in the southwest have been told to provide better allergen information
Butcher jailed for fraudulent claims
A butcher has been failed for fraudulent trading and making false representations