NI refund scam warning
Scammers are sending emails offering fake National Insurance refunds
COVID-19 business grants scam
Fraudsters are posing as the Government in order to get businesses' bank details
COVID-19 home testing scam alert
A scam has emerged in which criminals pose as health officials to access homes
One in three targeted by lockdown scams
Over a third of UK adults have been the target of a scam since lockdown began
Fake trading standards line scam
CTSI warns the public to be aware of a bogus 'trading standards hotline'
Council tax Covid-19 scam targets public
A new fraud has emerged in which scammers pose as Government representatives
Fake pet ad scam warning
A swathe of adverts for pets has emerged on social media, many of them fraudulent
Covid-19 mask scam call emerges
A scam has emerged which aims to trick members of the public into buying face masks
Netflix scam exploits lockdown
Scammers are sending out emails requesting Netflix users to submit payment details
HMRC Covid-19 scam expands
Individuals falsely claiming to be from HMRC are targeting the public by phone
New Covid-19 voucher scam
CTSI has received evidence of an online voucher scam offering fake discounts
Fake payment update text alert
A new text message scam has emerged against the backdrop of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis
New Covid-19 text scam alert
A new text message scam has emerged which seeks to exploit fears during the crisis
Covid-19 ‘home-testing’ warning
Thre have been reports of doorstep scammers attempting to capitalise on the crisis
Covid-19 update app scam threat
CTSI is warning about scam apps claiming to offer updates on the coronavirus crisis
CTSI warns over Covid-19 scams
CTSI has issued a warning to the public about a series of new scams related to the virus