Farmer jailed for welfare offences
A farmer from Herefordshire has been jailed for numerous animal welfare offences
Phone scam targets home workers
The latest scam involves criminals posing as BT Openreach staff
New vaccine email scam emerges
A new email scam is using the vaccine rollout as a cover to steal personal details
Fur coats and fraudsters
Fur coat purchases could be used as a cover for buying jewellery, says Robert Grice
FCA issues ‘clone firm’ warning
A rise in 'clone firm' scams has led the Financial Conduct Authority to issue advice
Brexit scam text sent to public
A new scam message is attempting to obtain personal information
Bogus lockdown rebate scam
Another text-based scam themed around the coronavirus pandemic has emerged
Vaccine scam message emerges
A new text message scam claims the COVID-19 vaccine is available to recipients
Payment scam targets NHS staff
A new telephone scam targeting NHS workers has emerged in Scotland
Rogue car park painters warning
Warwickshire Trading Standards warns about scammers posing as highways workers.
Test & Trace scam expands to Scotland
A scam designed to gather personal information has spread to Scotland
CTSI warns on scheme deadline
The Green Homes Grant Scheme may be vulnerable to abuse and fraud
New HMRC scam targets public
A new scam has emerged in which fraudsters pose as representatives of HMRC
Fraudsters pose as COVID marshals
Doorstep scammers are posing as COVID marshals to gain access to people's homes
Fighting another deadly pandemic
Lord Toby Harris warns there is still work to do to stem the flow of knives to children
COVID-19 scams evolving, says NTS
Criminals are adapting their methods to target the public during the COVID-19 crisis