Stubbing out illegal tobacco crime
Warwickshire TS is appealing to residents to help them tackle the trade in illegal tobacco
Scams and the City
Sophisticated boiler room operations are scamming UK consumers out of millions of pounds every year
Financial abuse pair sentenced
Fraudsters who targeted an elderly woman have been handed custodial sentences
Couple jailed for online course scam
A man and woman have been jailed following a trading standards investigation
Fraudster jailed for targeting elderly
A rogue trader who conned elderly people has been jailed for three years
Pair convicted of financial abuse
West Yorkshire Financial Exploitation and Abuse Team has secured its first convictions
Cold Calling Control Zone launched
An initiative has been set up to empower Keighley residents in the fight against rogue traders
Woman jailed for £200,000 PPI fraud
A woman in Wales has received a four-year prison sentence for running a PPI scam
‘Money mules’ brought to justice
Rogue traders who targeted an elderly man have been prosecuted in Southwark
Oxford rogue trader given jail sentence
A rogue gardener who tricked his victim into paying more than £1,000 has been jailed
‘Chameleon’ directors rife
Loopholes are letting people act as company directors after they have been disqualified
Cheshire shop owner prosecuted
A man has received a suspended prison sentence after selling illegal tobacco
Company directors sentenced for fraud
Three directors of a vacuum repair company have received prison sentences
Matt Allwright: Crime in the kitchen
Matt calls to mind the controversial kitchen trader making monkeys of us all
Landlord prosecuted in landmark case
Lincs TS has prosecuted a landlord who knew his property was being used illegally
Elite sniffer dog threatened by gangs
Scamp has become such a threat to criminals that a price has been placed on his head