Crackdown on illicit puppies in Wales
A multi-agency operation to take down illicit puppy sellers has begun in Wales
Survey reveals extent of COVID scams
A survey shows that more than 2.6 million adults have been scammed since last March
Trader jailed for fake DVD business
A karate teacher who operated a criminal online business has been jailed for four years
Doorstep criminal guilty of fraud
A fraudster in Northern Ireland has been given a suspended sentence and fined £10,000
WhatsApp scam targets families
A new scam involves fraudsters posing as family members and asking for money
Four-year sentence for counterfeiter
A businessman who manufactured fake designer clothing has been jailed
Scammers use NHS COVID pass texts
A new scam is using the NHS COVID pass scheme to steal people's information
Tackling digital detriment
How can trading standards manage to keep pace with rapid technological change?
‘COVID passport’ fraud warning
A new scam is using vaccine passports as a pretense for stealing recipients' information
Beware of the dog dealers
The cruelty, emotional exploitation and organised crime behind illicit puppy sales
CTSI warns of ‘insidious’ scam
A new scam mimics Post Office branding and attempts to steal recipients' personal details
Scam advice video series launched
The 'Tea break with the experts' campaign educates consumers about the risks of scams
Scams hit 36 million Brits in 2021
New Citizens Advice data shows the harm caused by scammers to people across the UK
Illicit tobacco seller sentenced
A shop owner who repeatedly ignored warnings from trading standards has been jailed
Illegal puppy importer jailed
A man who illegally brought puppies into the UK has been jailed for more than two years
Census deadline scams strike
Fraudsters are using the Census as a pretext for gathering people's financial details