Consumer goods & services
CTSI warns on repair opportunists
CTSI has issued advice on utility work performed during the Covid-19 crisis
UK ECC issues coronavirus advice
The UK ECC has released advice for those with concerns over coronavirus and travel
Scam warning after Flybe collapse
Holidaymakers affected by Flybe's collapse are being urged to keep an eye out for scams
Q&A: Travel and the coronavirus
Advice to travellers whose plans may be affected by the coronavirus outbreak
Christmas toy safety checklist
Trading standards teams are carrying out toy safety inspections as Christmas nears
Blind cords can kill
Matt Allwright on CCAS’ rogues gallery
As the new CCAS campaign launches the consumer expert gives us his views
UK ECC advises on Thomas Cook
The UK ECC has offered advice to those affected by the company's collapse
Button cell batteries: be vigilant
This slideshow explains the risks of button cell batteries and how to minimise them.
CPPD Module 16: Care Homes
How care homes must communicate and their fair trading obligations
Button cell batteries: know the danger
Button cell batteries can injure or even kill a child. Find out how to minimise the risks
CCAS report shows achievements
The CCAS annual report 2018 reveals the benefits it offers to consumers across the country
CMA calls for clarity on holiday Ts & Cs
The CMA has launched a campaign to improve the clarity of terms and conditions
OPSS issues Whirlpool report
A review into the safety of Whirlpool tumble dryers has been published
UK ECC an ‘invaluable’ resource
The UK ECC has seen a 94% rise in cases since it was launched in 2008
UK ECC advises Flybmi customers
TheĀ UK ECC has issued advice to those affected by the collapse of the airline