Consumer goods & services
Short measures found at coal yards
Faulty weighing equipment in Nottinghamshire resulted in consumers being overcharged
TS Wales Week starts with focus on food
Trading Standards Wales week highlights the vital work being done across the nation
Rise in ‘ECO4’ cold-callers warning
Wrexham TS has seen a rise in traders offering bogus energy-efficiency services
Anglesey TS secures food bank donation
A businessman who made unfair card charges has agreed to make a £6,000 donation
Degrees of compliance
Trading Standards is ensuring that students are protected from misleading claims
Contractor fined for keeping deposit
A fencing contractor has been prosecuted for taking a deposit and failing to carry out work
Ten top tips for online purchases
Savvy online shoppers can avoid getting caught out, says Juanita Headley
Fake reviews and drip pricing banned
Potentially misleading online practices are to be outlawed as part of the DMCC Bill
Under the skin of illicit practices
Legislation has been introduced to tackle underage cosmetic procedures which can ruin lives
Consumer Scotland: an eye to the future
Data is at the heart of Consumer Scotland’s mission to support consumers
Opinion: Students deserve better
Students have long been expected to settle for second-best, says Matt Allwright
Staffs TS issues fireworks advice
Staffordshire TS is working with businesses to ensure fireworks are being sold and stored safely
Single-use plastic banned in England
Nottinghamshire TS is advising local businesses how to work with the new legislation
TSS launches home energy campaign
Trading Standards Scotland is helping consumers avoid energy-efficiency scams
CMA launches will-writing probe
The regulator is seeking information about issues in the legal services sector
Consumer Duty comes into force
The FCA's new rules for the financial sector are designed to better protect consumers