26th May 2021

How To Fit A Blind In Your Home Office

With home working here to stay for millions of people, the home office is becoming a fixture in dwellings across the UK

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With home working here to stay for millions of people, the home office is becoming a fixture in dwellings across the UK. Spare rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even garages have become pop-up offices during the last year.

If you work from home, while you might have found cutting out the commute and dropping formal office attire has been liberating, it’s vital you make sure you stay focused and productive.

Getting your home working space right can make all the difference, and fitting roller blinds can make your working environment a stylish and comfortable place to be. Roller blinds will not only give your home office a sophisticated and modern look – they’ll reduce the bright glare of sunlight and give you the privacy you need, whatever time of day you are working.

Here’s How To Measure And Fit A Roller Blind

Everyone should know a bit of DIY, after all knowing how to do things yourself like how to make Christmas accessories or make a generator can come in handy around the home and save you a bit of money. One easy DIY skill to learn is to measure and fit a made to measure blind, it’s a simple task to learn and can help you save money by not paying for a measuring or fitting service. It’ll certainly help you create the perfect home office without breaking the bank.

For this, we’ll look at roller blinds as they are probably the easiest type of blinds to measure and fit for, so this should be a really easy and fun task for you to pick up.

Before We Start

Before we get into all the details there are a few things you’ll need to know, when fitting roller blinds there are 2 ways to fit your blind: you have recess fit, where the blind is attached to the top of a recess in a wall over a window facing downwards OR exact fit, which is where the blinds are attached on the wall above the blind facing outwards.

To measure and fit, you’ll need a measuring tape, spirit level and a drill.

How To Measure 

Before we get started, you’ll need to decide whether you want your blinds to be recess fit or exact fit.

For recess fit blinds, measuring is super easy, all you need to do is use your handy tape measure to measure the width and drop of your recess and you have your measurements! Just be sure to measure the width from 3 different points and use the smallest measurement to ensure your blinds will fit as not all recesses are perfectly straight.

For exact fit blinds, you’ll want to use your tape measure to measure from where you want the blinds to hang down to just above your windowsill, then add 70mm to your measurement to ensure there’s no light leakage. Then for the width, measure the width of your window and add 100mm to your width measurement again to prevent light leakage.

Once you have your measurements for your blinds, you’ll need to find an online made to measure blinds retailer, find a blind that you like then simply put in your measurements and they’ll make up your blind and ship it to you ready to install.

How To Fit

Fitting roller blinds is again very simple and easy, you’ll need your drill and spirit level for this task, but the screws for attaching the blind are usually included inside the packaging of your blind. Before you start you’ll want to get everything out of your box, you should have a blind, 2 brackets, 2 bracket covers and any screws that are needed just to make sure you’ve got everything.

For recess fit blinds, firstly you’ll want to attach your bracket to either side on the top of the recess facing downwards and screw them into place.

You’ll then need to slide the bracket covers over the brackets and once you’ve done that, you simply need to slot your blind into the brackets, getting the side without a chain in first.

For exact fit blinds, you’ll want to measure out where your brackets will be, then drill them into place facing outwards making sure they are in line and not wonky.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to slide on the bracket covers, then slot your blind into the brackets, getting the side without a chain in first. Once it’s in, break out your spirit level and make sure everything is straight.

Whatever home office you have, with roller blinds you’ll be well on your way to making your workspace environment a comfortable, stylish and productive place to be.



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