Author: Paul Evans
Video interview: Cllr James Evans
CTSI Hero Awards 2019
Video coverage of highlights and winners from the CTSI Hero Awards 2019 live event
Button cell batteries: be vigilant
This slideshow explains the risks of button cell batteries and how to minimise them.
CTSI Symposium 2019 Highlights
Button cell batteries: know the danger
Button cell batteries can injure or even kill a child. Find out how to minimise the risks
Brexit advice for businesses
Made to Measure: JTS Podcast launch
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Touchstone 2019 open for entries
The important and prestigious Touchstone Award is now open for 2019 entries
The intelligence-led operations model
Is the intelligence-led model a shift towards, or away from, proactivity?
CPPD Module 15: ADR
Bring your knowledge of this crucial area up to speed with our CPPD test
Austerity’s impacts will outlive it
Austerity has had a critical and possibly irreversible impact on trading standards
Fakes warning for Christmas shoppers
Christmas shoppers are being warned to avoid buying fake and potentially dangerous toys
Staying safe at Christmas
Interview: Kelly Tolhurst
We asked Consumer Minister Kelly Tolhurst about her plans for continued momentum
Laser pointers are not toys
Countdown to Christmas safety
JTS, CTSI and OPSS bring you the Christmas Safety Advent Calendar