CTSI warns on timeshare scams
Keeping vigilant about summer holiday scams remains as crucial as ever, warns the CTSI
Illicit cigarettes seized in Staffs
A haul of illicit cigarettes and tobacco worth £150,000 has been seized in Staffordshire
Bucks and Surrey TS wins award
The service won an award for its work to cut red tape for businesses 
Southwark confronts ‘modern slavery’
A licensing investigation by Southwark TS uncovered a case of 'modern slavery'
Council team joins training scheme
Durham Council has joined a communications training scheme
Sharp rise in number helped by CCAS
The number of consumers helped by the CTSI-run CCAS scheme continues to grow
CTSI Hero Award winners 2018
The CTSI has announced its heroes of consumer protection for 2018
MEPs vote to wind back clocking
Members of the European Parliament have voted to tackle odometer tampering
New measures to beat nuisance calls
Govt proposals would make bosses personally liable for nuisance calls.
Crime networks forge ahead in fakes
A new EUIPO report shows counterfeiting incentives for criminal gangs
Celebrating consumer heroes
This year's CTSI Hero Award ceremony takes place in London on June 20
Obituary: Harold Hunt
Trading Standards lost a knowledgable, respected and committed expert in May 2018
Trading standards comes together
CTSI's Symposium 2018 will be a new style of event for a changing profession
New Journal for CTSI members
Journal of Trading Standards is the new print and online publication for CTSI
Crypto fraudsters fake celeb backing
Social media used by investment scams to promote false celebrity endorsements
Fake e-liquids: a troubling confection
The worrying trend of e-liquids in counterfeit food packaging that may appeal to children