Whisky investment ads misled
People are being urged to avoid being misled by 'whisky investment' schemes
Farmers guilty of cruelty offences
A husband and wife received suspended sentences following a Staffordshire TS investigation
CTSI Hero Awards 2023
Trading Standards and consumer protection successes were celebrated at the event
Pirate DVD seller ordered to pay up
A man who sold counterfeit DVDs has been ordered to pay back more than £216,000
Anti-scam toolkit for students launches
A resource to help students and young people avoid scams has been created
No place to hide for illicit tobacco
Illicit tobacco sellers are using ever more elaborate means of concealment, says Derby TS
H&F TS tackles football rip-offs
Hammersmith & Fulham TS has prosecuted an illegal trader selling football scarves
Brighton & Hove rogue warning
Brighton & Hove TS has seen an 'exceedingly worrying' rise in rogue builder complaints
Warning to shops that broke law
North Lanarkshire TS seeks banning orders for shops that flouted underage sales laws
FSA raises workforce capacity concerns
A new report highlights challenges in TS workforce recruitment and retention
‘Greedy’ rogue builder jailed
A fraudster in Suffolk used victims' money to pay for holidays and shopping trips
Illicit tobacco couple plead guilty
A husband and wife sold tens of thousands of pounds worth of illicit tobacco on Facebook
Essex TS concludes complex fraud case
Essex TS has brought a network of criminals who mis-sold solar equipment to justice
Derby TS stops Halloween scares
Five potentially dangerous Halloween costumes have been removed from sale
Illicit cigarettes seized in Staffs
Staffordshire TS has sniffed out a large haul of illicit cigarettes, tobacco and vapes
NTS campaign targets scam stigma
NTS aims to take the stigma out of being scammed and to tackle underreporting