Consumerism vs. climate catastrophe
Does trading standards have a role to play in combatting wasteful habits?
We must make the case for TS
How can trading standards do more to convince government and society of its worth?
Red flags on greenwashing
As the fight against climate change ramps up, we must be on guard against ‘greenwashing’
The Enterprise Act: A political fix
CTSI Lead Officer David Sanders offers his perspective on the efficacy of the Enterprise Act
In conversation: Yvonne Rees
Yvonne Rees is a former TSO who now sits at the top of two local authorities
A step in the right direction
Delivering great service requires more than simply joining a Code of Conduct, says Noel Hunter.
Reflecting on eight years at NTS
As NTS Chair Lord Toby Harris steps down from the role, he reflects on his tenure
John’s Journal: A crucial moment
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The cornerstone of CTSI policy
CTSI relies on its network of Lead Officers for their invaluable expertise
Doing without… food labelling
A new law highlights the importance of knowing what goes into the food we eat
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Opinion: Feeling puzzled?
The challenges facing trading standards make it important to look at the bigger picture
New Board members discuss future vision
Two new CTSI Board members give their views on the challenges ahead
On the state of trading standards
Trading standards faces great difficulties on many fronts, says CTSI Chief John Herriman
The dangers of disloyalty
Traders’ efforts to entice new business can create problems for enforcement
Our next CEO must love the word ‘no’
Meaningful change doesn't happen without overcoming opposition