Codes and the value of independence
Noel Hunter OBE explains why external review can ensure Codes remain fit for purpose
A view from the other side
Why Trading Standards shares priorities and challenges with many businesses
Promising the earth
Reluctance to buy into electric cars is understandable when consumers have become wary of misleading claims
An attack of the vapours
Thanks to feedback from our members, CTSI has achieved results on non-compliant vapes
Closing remarks
Peter Stonely looks back at an illustrious career spent weighing up all aspects of Trading Standards
A time of crisis – and opportunity
Amidst the current instability there are reasons for optimism, says John Herriman
Forthcoming attractions
CTSI will be taking a proactive stance on a range of issues, says Duncan Stephenson
Outsourcing accountability
Has online retail undermined consumers’ rights to redress when things go wrong?
Interview: Lord Michael Bichard
The NTS Chair discusses why there is a greater need for consumer protection than ever
New routes into the TS profession
CTSI Chair Tendy Lindsay on why there must be new ways to join Trading Standards
How can industry support TS?
TSOs and private industry must team up to prevent IP crime, says Graham Mogg
Interview: Tendy Lindsay
CTSI Chair Tendy Lindsay on how Trading Standards can benefit from inclusivity
When is a consumer not a consumer?
In troubled times, the CCAS exists to put the interests of consumers front-and-centre
Interview: Lord Jamie Lindsay
The President of CTSI on how accreditation and standards underpin consumer confidence
Voices from the Front Line
Property listings, unsafe imports and metrology training are among issues being tackled
The impact of Trading Standards
What role does Trading Standards have to play in giving the economy a jump-start?