Worried consumers still need the UK ECC
The consumer protection of the UK ECC will still be much-needed post-Brexit
£1.6m POCA order for Operation Gleam
Tooth-whitening fraudsters ordered to pay back £1.6m in Proceeds of Crime Act hearing
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Safety & Standards: the road ahead
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Sticking to your pricing principles
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Detriment in the digital age
April's Consumer Green Paper promises to be the talking point of the summer.
Getting a trial ready for court
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Rethinking the ‘red tape’ attitude
Public protection has been slowly ripped to pieces by systematic cuts to ‘red tape’.
The great direct sales scandal
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Let there be light on lettings fees
A binding ruling should bring consistency on the issue of administration fees.
Controlling animal disease
Examining the new Animal Health Law Regulation in a post-Brexit future.
A brush with art fraud
A look at Dorset Trading Standards’ first foray into the murky world of art fraud.