The dark side of pearly whites
Northern Ireland TS is warning of the dangers of illegal tooth whitening products
Safeguarding the future
How CTSI and the OPSS work to protect children from dangerous products
Knife sales: the sharp end
How TS tackles sales of knives and other dangerous goods to young people
At Christmas, all that glitters is not gold…
Trading Standards in Scotland have discovered incorrectly hallmarked jewellery
Keeping an eye on Christmas safety
Tips to ensure your Christmas goes off with the right kind of a bang
Interview: Dr Tim Day
Dr Tim Day discusses what can be learnt from his research into doorstep crime
Interview: Graham Russell
We spoke to Graham Russell, CEO of the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS)
AI versus the fraudsters
How trading standards is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence
Not good enough to be true
What can be done to better protect consumers from dangerous fakes?
Special Report: Scams and the City
Sophisticated boiler room operations are scamming UK consumers out of millions.
The policy game-changer
The Consumer Protection White Paper could shake up many parts of trading standards
Enforcement and the environment
How trading standards services can be effective in environmental protection
The cost of compliance
To be effective, compliance for businesses should operate on a level playing field
CCAS report shows achievements
The CCAS annual report 2018 reveals the benefits it offers to consumers across the country
Global damage of IP theft revealed
A ”harrowing and disturbing” picture of the effects of counterfeiting is emerging
Thousands use UK ECC despite Brexit
Thousands of UK consumers are relying on the UK ECC despite Brexit uncertainty