Taking Trading Standards seriously
Four CTSI Lead Officers respond to a new report highlighting TS challenges
Voices of experience
To mark Black History Month, we spoke with three Trading Standards leaders about implementing positive change
The Windrush Generation Game
Examining the contribution of the African and Asian diaspora to Trading Standards
No safe haven for criminals
TS teams are encouraged to spread the word about the Tick Box self storage scheme
Electric vehicles: Current affairs
Examining opportunities for consumer detriment around electric vehicles
AI and the rise of synthetic scams
The speed of innovation in artificial intelligence has played into the hands of fraudsters
Border control: Point of impact
What is being done to support those fighting to stem the tide of illegal imports?
In conversation: Yvonne Fovargue
The APPG on Consumer Protection Chair discusses why Trading Standards matters
Prosecutions and pitfalls
Useful advice on how to prevent a case collapsing due to a technicality
The problem with skin lightening
As well as being dangerous, skin lightening cosmetics raise questions about society
Taking a stand against counterfeits
Behind the scenes of a multi-agency operation in the UK’s ‘counterfeit capital’
Allergens: a matter of life and death
In the wake of several tragic deaths, have food businesses got the message on allergens?
Making regulation work better
The underpinnings of our regulation are due for a rethink, believes Professor Chris Hodges
Touchstone winners make their mark
The Touchstone Awards continue to celebrate the importance of hallmarking
Apprenticeships: a class act
How spreading the word about apprenticeships can help attract new recruits
The work of a lifetime
Robert Grice's book on hallmarking examines a subject that still resonates today