Bucks TS becomes ASA legal backstop
Bucks and Surrey Trading Standards has been appointed as the ASA's legal backstop
Obituary: Harold Yeoman
Trading standards lost a brave and heroic colleague in January, 2019
TS at forefront of Lords debates
The vital role TS plays has been at the forefront of debates in the House of Lords this week
‘Fine to Flush’ standard published
A new official standard for flushable wet wipes has been published by Water UK
Nuisance pension calls banned
Legislation designed to crack down on nuisance calls about pensions has come into force
Doing without… Hallmarking
Eleni Chalkidou explains why hallmarking is an important gauge of authenticity
Touchstone 2019 open for entries
The important and prestigious Touchstone Award is now open for 2019 entries
CTSI approves Home Builders Code
The Consumer Code for Home Builders has been approved by the CTSI
The intelligence-led operations model
Is the intelligence-led model a shift towards, or away from, proactivity?
CPPD Module 15: ADR
Bring your knowledge of this crucial area up to speed with our CPPD test
Austerity’s impacts will outlive it
Austerity has had a critical and possibly irreversible impact on trading standards
Fakes warning for Christmas shoppers
Christmas shoppers are being warned to avoid buying fake and potentially dangerous toys
Staying safe at Christmas
Interview: Kelly Tolhurst
We asked Consumer Minister Kelly Tolhurst about her plans for continued momentum
Laser pointers are not toys
New rail ombudsman launches
A new body has launched to deal with consumers' complaints about rail travel