CMA probe shakes up booking sites
Hotel booking sites will adopt new practices after a CMA crackdown
Taking control on offensive weapons
Helen Nugent examines the implications of the new Offensive Weapons Bill
Matt Allwright: Crime in the kitchen
Matt calls to mind the controversial kitchen trader making monkeys of us all
Call for action on consumer protection
CTSI supports a new report that calls for reforms to consumer protection
Obituary: David Templeton
Trading standards lost a unique and highly valued colleague in June, 2018
Questions raised on Weapons Bill
CTSI has raised questions on amendments to the Offensive Weapons Bill
OPSS marks first birthday
This week sees the first anniversary of the Office of Product Safety and Standards
Crucial day for appliance safety
Consumers are being reminded to register their electrical appliances, new and old alike
Bucks TS becomes ASA legal backstop
Bucks and Surrey Trading Standards has been appointed as the ASA's legal backstop
Obituary: Harold Yeoman
Trading standards lost a brave and heroic colleague in January, 2019
TS at forefront of Lords debates
The vital role TS plays has been at the forefront of debates in the House of Lords this week
‘Fine to Flush’ standard published
A new official standard for flushable wet wipes has been published by Water UK
Nuisance pension calls banned
Legislation designed to crack down on nuisance calls about pensions has come into force
Doing without… Hallmarking
Eleni Chalkidou explains why hallmarking is an important gauge of authenticity
Touchstone 2019 open for entries
The important and prestigious Touchstone Award is now open for 2019 entries
CTSI approves Home Builders Code
The Consumer Code for Home Builders has been approved by the CTSI