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Trading standards has seen unparalleled change over the last few years
and more than ever new entrants to the profession need to have every
opportunity to learn from the experiences and perspectives of the
profession’s authorities.

That’s why we’ve launched Made to Measure – the podcast of the
Journal of Trading Standards
to bring you in-depth interviews and
insights from experts inside and outside the profession every fortnight.

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Episode 25:

Business Members Group, Part Two

We speak again to Wendy Potts, CTSI Joint Lead Officer for Fair
Trading and Chair of the Business Members Group, and also with
Steve Emmett, a self-employed chartered trading standards
practitioner who serves as a section representative on the BMG.


Episode 24:

Business Members Group, Part One

We speak to Wendy Potts, CTSI Joint Lead Officer for Fair Trading
and Chair of the Business Members Group, about how compliance on
consumer protection is a team effort that involves enforcement
professionals working closely with retailers and manufacturers.


Episode 23:


We speak to CTSI Lead Officer for Hallmarking David Sanders and
British Hallmarking Council Chairman Noel Hunter about how the
oldest form of consumer protection has evolved over the past 700 years,
and the modern-day challenges hallmarking faces.


Episode 22:

Petroleum and Explosives

We speak to Ian Hillier, CTSI Lead Officer for Petroleum and
Explosives, about the importance of protecting both consumers
and the environment when it comes to petroleum and protecting
the public from dangerous fireworks.


Episode 21:

Fair Trading

We speak to Sylvia Rook, CTSI’s Lead Officer for Fair Trading,
about the wide range of trading standards issues touched by her
area of expertise, including the impact of Brexit on relevant
legislation and issues around the growing dominance of online markets.


Episode 20:

Advertising Standards

We speak to Jim Tebbett, Senior Compliance Executive at the
Advertising Standards Agency and Committee of Advertising Practice
about how his organisation works closely with trading standards to
tackle misleading adverts that can result in real consumer harm.


Episode 19:

Intellectual Property

We speak to CTSI’s two Joint Lead Officers for Intellectual
Property, Handley Brustad and Gavin Terry about their experience
in dealing with IP and counterfeiting issues, how they link to
serious organised crime and how they directly impact consumers.


Episode 18:

Sarah Caughey

We speak to CTSI’s new Head of Policy Sarah Caughey about
her main priorities in the role, from confronting Local
Authority cuts to promoting and campaigning for recognition
of the importance of the trading standards profession across
the public and private sectors.


Episode 17:

Energy and Smart Meters

We speak to CTSI Lead Officer for Energy and Smart Meters,
Steve Playle, about the increasingly fragmented energy sector,
the importance of environmental considerations and the risks
to consumers from scams and unscrupulous players.


Episode 16:


We speak to CTSI Lead Officer for Travel, Bruce Treloar,
about the collapse of Thomas Cook and the Package Travel
and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018, which
came into force last July.


Episode 15:

Property & Lettings

We speak to the two CTSI Lead Officers for property and
lettings, Alexandra Cosgrove and Andrew Coulter, about their
day-to-day activities, the National Trading Standards Estate
and Letting Agency Team and the new Tenant Fees Act.


Episode 14:

LTS Week Knife Crime event

We bring you audio from the London Trading Standards Week
Knife Crime event, in which trading standards professionals
across the capital discuss their thoughts on how best to
combat the problem of underage knife sales.


Episode 13:


We sit down with Eleni Chalkidou, CTSI’s Director of
Communications, and Kerry Auger, CTSI’s Communications
and Press Officer to discuss the importance of communications
to CTSI and to the wider interests and needs of the profession.


Episode 12:

Budget Cuts

We take views from CTSI lead officers, a local councillor,
the head of the government’s Office for Product Safety and
Standards, minister for consumer protection, Kelly Tolhurst MP
and others on cuts to regulatory and enforcement budgets and
the effect on trading standards services.


Episode 11:

Animal Health

We speak to CTSI Lead Officer for Animal Health and Welfare
Stephanie Young about the importance of trading standards
work in maintaining quality across an increasingly intricate
food supply chain and how the UK would cope in the face of
another food crisis.


Episode 10:



Episode 9:

CTSI Hero Awards 2019


Episode 8:

CTSI Symposium 2019 Review


Episode 7:

CTSI Symposium 2019 Preview


Episode 6:

Food Safety


Episode 5:

Age-restricted Sales


Episode 4:



Episode 3:



Episode 2:

Online Marketplaces


Episode 1:

Leon Livermore


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