Illegal shisha tobacco seller fined
A shop owner in Oxford has been fined for repeatedly selling illicit shisha tobacco
Scam victims to be compensated
A landmark NTS Scams Team investigation means justice for UK victims of a US-based scam
Sniffer dog uncovers illegal cigarettes
A shop owner who sold illicit cigarettes in Brent has been fined more than £6,000
Retailer fined for underage vodka sales
A shopkeeper who sold counterfeit and untaxed vodka to children has been fined
Shopkeeper fined for illicit tobacco stash
A shopkeeper in Oldham has been prosecuted after being caught selling illicit tobacco
TSS cracks down on lead generator
Trading Standards Scotland has reported a company to the Procurator Fiscal
Shut out Scammers, TSS urges
Trading Standards Scotland is running a campaign to raise awareness of scams
COVID-19 test fraudster prosecuted
A scammer who issued fake COVID test certificates has been found guilty
Fraudsters jailed for timeshare scam
A pair of criminals have been imprisoned for their role in a complex timeshare fraud
North London fraudster sentenced
A rogue trader who stole almost £60k has received a suspended prison sentence
Islington cowboy builder jailed
A rogue trader who targeted elderly victims has been jailed for four years and nine months
Warwickshire rogue trader found guilty
A rogue trader exploited a vulnerable homeowner in a £100,000 fraud case
Dorset takes on illegal puppy sales
Dorset Council has revamped its website to tackle unlicensed puppy sales
FCA cracks down on investment scams
The Financial Conduct Authority has released new data on consumer investment scams
Valentine’s Day scams warning
With the lifting of lockdown restrictions, people are being warned against romance scams
Mail scammers impersonate CTSI
Fraudsters continue to use CTSI branding to target the public in an ongoing mail scam